Critical Missions Medical Support

The Emergency Medical Department is your partner in the field of deployment medical consulting, support and training.

Our specialists will support you with the following services:

  • Medical Consulting: Our consultants will support you in the planing phase of your individual project for countries with limited medical service.
  • Medical Training: Our special course design Critical Missions Medical Education (C.M.M.E.) will provide your staff with a fundamental medical knowledge designed for your special needs and the country your staff will be deployed. The course includes parts of the Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) course used by international military forces. We can provide this kind of training as a in-country-course as well so your deployed staff is always up-to-date.
  • Medical Advisors: In cooperation with our Security and Consulting Department we are able to provide experts, such as Paramedics and Advance Life Support Medics to support your mission in countries with limited medical service.
  • Medical Equipment:We will asses, plan and implement your individual medical mission equipment. Also we will provide your staff with a Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) for your special needs.

Due to our special experience in areas with inadequate or non-existing basic emergency medical care, is has been shown how important and mission essential a coordinated medical preparation can be. These pre-deployment preparations should include seminars, personal equipment (IFAK) development and personal preparation for a particular country.

The Guardian Risk Academy CMME Seminar goes beyond a standardized first aid course. The CMME seminar is based on our own experience in hostile areas and the experience of battlefield medics in Africa, Afghanistan, and Iraq. This seminar is all about life-saving emergency procedures in a situation of a still existing threat, based on a basic medical understanding, with limited resources.

Choosing the right emergency medical equipment for daily use in the field or on the construction site is as important as knowing the right emergency medical procedures at the right time. We will assist you in building up a fundamental understanding of the need for a proper personal medical kit as well as a team kit while traveling on road to a construction site or humanitarian project.

In the project country, your deployed personnel will come into contact with infectious diseases and local toxins from fauna and flora. Prior preparation and personal hygiene are playing a significant role in minimizing the overall health risk and is essential for the safety of the deployed staff.

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