Guardian Risk Consulting was founded in 2016 in the City of Hamburg in northern Germany as a Corporate Security Risk Consulting firm and Training Academy for non-governmental Organisations. As these topics are still a part of our portfolio, Guardian Risk Consulting expanded its scope of work to a Strategic and Security Risk Consulting firm with a concentration on providing strategic security services and building resilience to clients with an international business. Guardian Risk Consulting combined their founder Norman Brandt and Christoph Balschat and our international partners’ extensive international experience.

Norman has long-term international specialized military experience, especially in counter-terrorism, intelligence operations, surveillance, and tactical medicine. As a security specialist and instructor for PSD and Small Unit Tactics, Norman has served in various high-risk conflict areas with different outfits, such as Africa, South America, the Balkans, and the Middle East. He has also worked in the commercial field of high-risk protection for the United Nations Mission / OHR in former Yugoslavia and the US Department of Defence in Iraq. Norman also holds a Master´s degree in Medical Science (concentration on Tactical and Emergency Medicine) and a Bachelor´s degree in Medical Education, concentrating in political and social science.

Christoph has worked as a long-term Member and civilian expert for the international TAST-Team (Technical Assistance and Support Team) of the European Department of Civil Protection. He served in various disaster relief missions, f.e. Pakistan and Haiti. Christoph has worked for several INGOs, such as Plan International, Johanniter International, and Falck AS, and has a broad understanding of INGOs and commercial companies’ special security needs. Christoph is an experienced humanitarian and security specialist with a deep understanding and expertise in difficult working environments, such as Laos, Cambodia, Peru, Guinea, Kenia, and Vietnam. He received his security training with the German Army and the Department of Civil Protection of Italy. He also has great experience as a trainer for monitoring and evaluation, project management, and international compliance. Christoph holds a diploma in Business Administration.