Guardian Risk Consulting is providing global Travel Risk Management for our clients. But how is this helping you with your project planning and travel management?

Our definition of Travel Risk Consulting is a connection and interaction of our three key operations: Travel Security Analysis, Tactical Support & Training, and Medical Support & Training.

Let’s assume you´re working in a non-governmental organization or as a project manager or in an internationally operating corporate group and you’re tasked to implement a mission into a country with a fragile security situation. You know what your field of expertise is, but do you know about political stability, customs, and traditions, medical system, security situations, or other security-related topics in your hosting country? You just know that you´re about to deal with the security and safety of your staff and other person involved; as well as the reputation of the whole project and your company or organization.

Security measures should be addressed throughout the whole project planning process. We assist clients in quantifying risk, developing policies, processes, and procedures to evaluate and mitigate risks in addition to strengthening their organizational frameworks, management tools, training programs, and operating procedures.

It´s really challenging to integrate security procedures into a humanitarian aid project. Topics like: a policy of neutrality, “mission first” attitude, founding, and the special mission design are very important for the client and need to be considered. Security operators and policies are often considered “restrictive and annoying”.  Even if they only want to protect the client and the organizational reputation. A key to mission success is fundamental pre-deployment training to build up a collective sense of awareness, responsibility, and understanding of the need for security procedures amongst all staff.

The deployment of our TAC or TACMED Teams will be fully integrated into your project outfit. These professionally trained protective security specialists are a valuable asset to your mission. They will integrate into your daily work and support you with their expertise so your experts can focus on their work. Our experts will ensure that your staff’s medical needs are in the focus as well and support your local staff with medical and tactical training as required.

Medical specialists will support you with the following related services:

  • Medical Consulting: Our consultants will support you in the planning phase of your individual project for countries with limited medical service.
  • Medical Training: Our special course design Critical Missions Medical Education (C.M.M.E.) will provide your staff with fundamental medical knowledge designed for your special needs and the country your staff will be deployed. The course includes parts of the Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) course used by international military forces. We can provide this kind of training as an in-country-course as well so your deployed staff is always up-to-date.
  • Medical Advisors: In cooperation with our Security and Consulting Department we are able to provide experts, such as Paramedics and Advance Life Support Medics to support your mission in countries with limited medical service.
  • Medical Equipment: We will assess, plan, and implement your individual medical mission equipment. Also, we will provide your staff with an Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) for your special needs.