The assurance of their personnel’s safety and security is the single most important duty of care of organizations or international corporate groups sending their staff to hazardous or hostile areas.

Proper pre-deployment training is a key to build up a collective sense of awareness, responsibility, and understanding of the need for security procedures amongst all staff.
Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) is crucial for anyone working in risk-associated, insecure, or hostile environments. Accordingly, the training endeavors to provide comprehensive coverage of the relevant issues in this area and is designed to put participants in stressful situations, preparing them for worst-case scenarios. Simulations of real-life situations complement essential classroom theory.
The Security Awareness and Education (SAET) seminar gives the participants an understanding of security measures that can take to increase their personal security and safety. The participants will be familiarized with possible threats that they can encounter at any time during their deployment. They will also be able to deal proactively with possible threats and build up a fundamental understanding of organizational security policies.

Course Modules

  • Awareness of threats, risks, and personal security
  • Vehicle Operations: Safety and security procedures for vehicle movement and convoy security
  • Management of threats related to gatherings, protests, demonstrations, and riots
  • Kidnapping, hostage-taking, hostage survival
  • Mines, Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), and Unexploded Ordnance (UXOs)
  • Stress – Management
  • Orientation in the Field: Map Reading and Use of Compass and GPS;
  • Medical training: Critical Mission Medical Education (TCCC)
  • Orientation and Radio-communications