Guardian Risk Consulting is a trusted and experienced provider of security services in high-risk environments and remote areas.

Guardian Risk Consulting professionally trained protective security specialists are experts in counterterrorism, special operations, training, weapons, security strategy and analysis, medical preparedness, and high-risk protective operations with years of experience.

We support our corporate clients in preparing to deploy into hostile environments with a fragile security situation that could jeopardize the safety of their personal assets and company reputation.

Our experts are familiar with the special design of Non-Governmental organizations’ support and specialized in humanitarian missions. We are providing Protective Details and Mobile Security Teams for every humanitarian mission and Base Reconnaissance Teams and Static Security for your mission success and safety.

We also provide consultancy and training for higher-risk protective services. Our experts will analyze your mission needs and develop a customized security policy for your protective detail. We also train, monitor, and support your protective detail to maximize your mission effectiveness.

Our protective services for VIP and high-net-worth individuals include:

  • Protective movements and armed escorts
  • High-threat protection for dignitaries
  • International travel protection for corporate executives, diplomats, and celebrities
  • Close personal protection
  • Celebrity and corporate VIP protection
  • Armed vehicle transportation
  • Route and venue reconnaissance and clearance
  • Security advance, counter-attack, and counter-surveillance teams
  • High-risk security training and Team development