Guardian Risk Consulting provides clear, targeted, and flexible security solutions to our clients and enables them to identify their operational security risks and enhance their operational resilience.

Operational Resilience

As an internationally operating business, you are facing the extraordinary complexity of the globalized world. You have to be prepared against unforeseen events that impact your international operations and possibly disrupt your business continuity.

Our security specialists’ team and strategic partner are located across North and South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East. This enables us to respond to any of our client’s needs rapidly and effectively and with local knowledge.

Experience and Expertise

Security measures should be addressed in advance throughout the whole project planning process. As a responsible employer, it should be your priority to reduce your staff’s safety and security risk. We are a valuable asset for your project planning team to assess, implement, monitor, manage and evaluate your company security policies and procedures. Although the degree of risk to your staff can vary from country to country, safety and security incidents can occur in all your company areas of operations.

That requires a comprehensive and adaptive security management framework that is completely integrated across the company or organization. We make sure that every staff involved has a fundamental knowledge of your safety and security procedures. A constant monitoring and continuous development of the established security policies is the key to success.

Crises Management

When the worst happens, we deliver rapid, targeted, and flexible crisis management and response solutions to enable our customers to overcome the challenges they face.

Guardian Risk Critical Mission Response Team (CMRT) is well-versed in providing advice and support when a crisis occurs and before a crisis strikes. Our CMRT consultants help you be better prepared to deal with all the problems you may face when a critical incident threatens your business.

Insight and Analysis

A key component of being ready for crises and incidents is the clear identification, understanding the risks that pose the greatest threat to your organization’s operations, reputation, and brand. To do so, accurate and timely information is an essential component of any security risk management program.

The Guardian Risk Consulting methodology is informed by ISO 31000:2009, Risk Management – Principles and Guidelines, specially designed to support our consultants assessing and treating your individual security risks.

Guardian Risk Consulting Strategic Security Risk Solutions include:

  • Risk and vulnerability assessments
  • Security assessments
  • Background analysis
  • Travel Risk Analysis and Management
  • Intelligence monitoring
  • Surveillance / Counter- Surveillance
  • Emergency action planning