Corporate Security Risk Consulting

Guardian Risk Consulting provides security expertise to our clients and enables them to identify their operational security risks.

Security measures should be addressed throughout the whole project planning process. As a responsible employer, it should be your first priority to reduce the safety and security risk for your staff. We are a valuable asset for your project planning team to asses, implement, manage and evaluate your company security policies and procedures. Although the degree of risk to your staff can vary from country to country, safety and security incidents can occur in all your company areas of operations.

That requires a comprehensive and adaptive security management framework which is completely integrated across the company or organization. We make sure that every staff involved has a fundamental knowledge of your safety and security procedures.

To do so, we are providing our clients with a Hostile Environment Awareness Training (H.E.A.T.) where our consultants and advisors build up a collective sense of awareness, responsibility, and understanding of the need for security procedures amongst all staff. A tailor-made security preparation course for your staff and management level employees is also possible.

Our approach is not to avoid risks, but to asses and manage your particular risks in advance before a threat even occurs.

A constant monitoring and continuous development of the established security policies is a key to success.

Guardian Risk Consulting methodology is informed by ISO 31000:2009, Risk Management – Principles and Guidelines and was specially designed to support our consultants in the assessment and treatment of your individual security risks.

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